Document, Capture and Conversion to MS Office formats.

Make your documents editable and searchable in one click. Documents can be converted to searchable PDFs and editable MS Office formats.
Secure, accurate scan workflows that automate paper-based tasks to increase productivity.

Our scanning solution has been designed to automate document workflows, which captures, processes and stores scanned documents as well as documents generated by other applications. Every document will go through 3 primary functions.


Determines where documents come from (MFP, Desktop Modules/Clients, Hot Folder, E-mail, etc) and how additional information related to the document, or metadata, should be retrieved.


Determines what is done to the document. This could include barcode reading, recognizing texts with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), conversion to another format, and much more.


All documents will be stored in your Office Vault portal which can be routed into a multitude of cloud applications, document management systems or a folder on your local network.

What makes us Awesome

Follow the Procedure and Policy
Follow the Procedure and Policy

Our ability to route data into multiple platforms ensures that user accountability is retained, complying to application's security policies. Combined with our powerful script, expression and query editors to create enhancements that fulfil your specific requirements, the uses and possibilities you have available are endless.

Connect to the Right Software
Connect to the Right Software

Converting paper to digital is the first step. The next step is to make sure that the digital information gets distributed to the correct groups or people in the organisation, and that the information gets archived following the organisational policy and procedure, while keeping the whole process secure and easy to maintain.

Fast Processing
Fast Processing

We all about automation! Our workflow forms a bridge between MFP and business application that produces documents, and a destination such as a network folder or a back-end application used by your organization. We can automatically store documents based on data obtained from the MFP reducing unnecessary steps - saving time and money in the process.

The Right Document
The Right Document

Having the right information at the right time, in the right place is not easy. Especially when the information is only available on paper.
The importance of accessing information 24/7 is becoming increasingly more of a requirement in modern companies.

Among the many industries we are transforming

Any type of organization that works with documents on a daily basis can benefit from our unique and innovative blend of technologies, all created for effective and efficient operations of working environments.

Medical practices of all sizes are turning to our technology to dramatically improve their productivity and responsiveness. Pressured by regulations and driven by a clear need to streamline operations, organizations are harnessing the power of technology to reduce overhead costs, eliminate departmental information silos and complement electronic medical records (EMR) systems. Out technology allows faster collections, fewer denied claims, quick responses, impeccable reliability, hours less spent on paperwork. Let our technology streamline your services, improve customer satisfaction and enforce processes to achieve an attractive ROI. Safeguard patient information with comprehensive security covering the entire repository; Empower employees and improve staff retention with secure, online access for remote staff

What if you could operate more profitably, work more efficiently and intimidate opposing counsel with your superior preparation—without hiring more support staff? Our unique solutions can help legal experts optimize their processes and reduce operating costs while making documents more accessible and secure at the same time.; Configure Workflow automation to automatically notify attorneys of assigned cases. Paper case file folders can be difficult to locate and update, and frequently impede information exchange among attorneys, file clerks and secretaries. With our solution, you can store all your scanned paper documents, e-mails, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and PDFs—in a central, secure repository, so staff can easily locate and share information. Quickly and easily access, add and update case file information, regardless of format; Enable multiple staff members to access and work with the same case file simultaneously.

The education industry are burdened with an all time high paperwork volumes, leaving institute's galling to cope with managing paper archives, business processes while struggling to comply with regulations. Our innovative solutions help you reduce costs, improve staff productivity and provide superior service to departments, faculty, staff, students and parents. Easily access and share digital admissions folders through the Web. Capture student IDs to automate filing and records processing. Speed up the financial aid process with Workflow automation. Manage faculty records during their entire life cycle, including sabbatical. Store blueprints, maps and E-sized drawings, and enable staff to retrieve them onsite with only an internet connection, enhance student services, manage faculty records safeguard student records.

Reduce project costs, streamline work processes and accelerate project completion with the right technology. Make information more accessible to both clients in their offices and staff on site with fully integrated capture, distribution and business process management tools. From contract submission and bid changes to project management and ISO specifications, ensure constant productivity and accelerate project completion. Scan time cards, injury reports, designs or drawings at the job site and automatically route them to the appropriate personnel at the corporate office; Improve quality control; Maintain ISO standards throughout your organization.

Keeping track of the goods you ship is a costly, time-consuming process. Capturing, archiving, and searching for data from crucial records like invoices, customs documents, and bills of lading all can create avoidable inefficiencies. Officevault uses powerful trainable technology to help you replace manual data entry with automated data capture. Capture and access shipping information swiftly and securely. Help improve efficiency and simplify customs compliance. Streamline your logistics operations with Officevault’s accurate, cost-effective data capture.


Core Features

Our Technology offers a number of unique and advanced features to help you create the workflow you require with minimum time and effort

Full Connectors Range

Perform any file-based task quickly and easily, such as file transmission and document system communication with Connectors that link the Processing Engine to proprietary document management systems and file servers. Upload your document directly to a host of web servers, online web services and third party applications, thanks to the wide range of connectors available.

Automatic Forms Recognition

The AFR option will automatically recognize each document and process it using the right workflow template. There is no need to use different buttons or create different categories, AFR will do this automatically, making the process faster and easier. Forms are unlimited and the form creation process is totally automatic.

Conditional Connector Execution

Now you have the option to specify the conditions under which a connector executes. Conditions can be based on the presence of a word in the metadata, numbers equal to, smaller than etc. Any metadata extracted from the document can be used whether it is 1D or 2D barcodes, Zonal OCR or full text OCR to drive the conditions for connectors.

Zone Recognition

Automatically capture data from specific zones on the document. Zones for all 4 supported zonal OCR functions namely Zone OCR, ICR, MICR and OMR can be configured in the same interface using the same sample document (which is stored in the template!) and on multiple pages! You can also now name your zones! This makes it much easier to identify different zones.

AD Import

We offer advanced user import facilities which can be configured and executed from the Users Tab. You can configure and import users from any of the following import sources, Microsoft Active Directory (AD), CSV (CSV) files and databases (DB), you can even set a schedule using the Windows Task Scheduler.

Barcodes & QR Codes

We can extract information from 1D and 2D barcodes to use in the metadata or add barcodes into scanned documents for easier processing later on. It’s possible to specify advanced settings for each individual barcode and also to supply sample data which will then appear automatically in the SEE as the tag data when the metadata is used.

Zonal Barcodes Reading

Zonal barcode reading offers an alternative way of reading barcodes, ScannerVision™ has always supported reading of 1D and 2D barcodes but has required expressions in order to differentiate between multiple barcodes on the same page. The implementation of Zone Barcode recognition will allow you to Scan for all the codes on a page as well as read and display the symbology for a given barcode.


Office Vault allows you to select the certificate you want to use for SSL communication. Certificates that can be used for SSL communication have to meet specific criteria i.e. the certificate must not be a CA certificate, the Key Usage must include a digital signature and Key Encipherment, and the Extended Key usage must include Server and Client Authentication.