Simple Set Up

No templates or long manual setup required. Just tell the engine what data you want and Office Vault will capture it. Get up and running in hours.

Capture from a Variety of Documents

Whether it is images (.PNG, .TIF, .JPEG), scans or digital files (PDF, email, CSV, XLS, ODT) Office Vault can read the file.

Variety of Input Methods

Process documents from multiple sources – hot folder, email, SFTP, drag and drop and mobile app when on the go.

Super Quick Data Scanning and Capture

See the captured data in Office Vault in seconds, along with a copy of the original document. Become paperless overnight. Office Vault provides two way web services, API for client fetching and custom outputs such as CSV, SQL and XLS.

Integrate into any Software

Office Vault can be integrated into virtually any application software – whether it is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Payroll, Human Capital Management (HCM), Job Cost, Inventory, Logistics, Excel or industry specific software such as real estate and banking applications.

Highly Competitive Pricing

Affordable per document pricing provides a fast ROI and opportunities for everyone whether you are the end customer, IT Partner or software company. Leverage the artificial intelligence powered, data extraction capability to build out better real-time analysis, Big Data-driven business intelligence and other solutions for smarter business.

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The All In One Platform for your Business